Ice2sea is a programme of scientific research to quantify the contribution of global ice to sea-level rise in order to produce better estimates of its extent over the next century.


The vast ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, as well as smaller glaciers and ice caps around the world, are among the least understood contributors to sea-level rise. Understanding the complex mechanisms which determine their future development will help produce more reliable estimates of sea-level changes. Based on the outcomes of this research, ice2sea aims to advise policymakers across Europe on how best to protect the future of European coastlines and prepare for the social and economic impacts of sea-level changes.

The ice2sea programme is engaged in making projections of the contribution of glaciers and ice sheets to sea-level rise, over the next 100 – 200 years. OASys is supporting the Alfred Wegener Institute in the analysis and modelling of the ice shelf - ocean interaction.