Terminated Projects


The Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (AOMIP) is an international effort to identify systematic errors in Arctic Ocean models under realistic forcing.

ARCRISK (2009-2014)

Arctic Health Risks: Impacts on health in the Arctic and Europe owing to climate-induced changes in contaminant cycling

Arctic +

Earth Observation Impact Assessment (A+5)

Arctic Model Intercomparison MITgcm - NAOSIM

As a subcontract for the Stiftung Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), O.A.Sys performs an intercomparison of two Arctic/North Atlantic versions of the MITcgm and the NAOSIM. The work is a contribution to the project 'The North Atlantic as Part of the Earth System: From System Comprehension to Analysis of Regional Impacts' funded by the German Ministry for Research and Education.

DAMOCLES (2005-2010)

Developing Arctic Modelling and Observing Capabilities for Longterm Environmental Studies.


A dynamic WWW-based Data Visualization and Download Interface.


Data Assimilation Through Upscaling and Nudging.


The follow-up project of AOMIP, the 'Forum for Arctic Ocean Modeling and Observational Synthesis (FAMOS)', is an international effort to focus on enhancing collaboration and coordination among arctic marine and sea ice modelers, theoreticians and observationalists based on a set of activities starting from generating hypotheses, to planning research included both observations and modeling, and to finalizing analyses synthesizing major results from the field studies and coordinated numerical experiments.

Hydrology Futures

Consulting for and collaboration with Hydrology Futures, LLC based in Seattle, WA, USA.


ICE-ARC (Ice, Climate, Economics – Arctic Research on Change) FP-7 EU.


Ice2sea is a programme of scientific research to quantify the contribution of global ice to sea-level rise in order to produce better estimates of its extent over the next century.


Eisvorhersage und Eis-Routen-Optimierung (Ice Forecast and Route Optimization)

SEARCH for DAMOCLES (S4D) (2006-2010)

SEARCH for DAMOCLES (S4D) aims at a coordination of major European (DAMOCLES) and US (SEARCH) Arctic research activities during the International Polar Year (2007-2008).


Preparation of an expertise on radioactive substances in the marine environment for the GSF/BfS as support for a German contribution to the UNSCEAR REPORT 2006